What to do if payment is unsuccessful?

First of all, sorry for not being able to process your payment! There can be many reasons why your payment didn't go through, but we have yet to see a case that we couldn't solve somehow. So the number one thing to do is:

  • Contact us. We'll look into everything and get you sorted out! 😊

If you prefer trying to solve the problem on the spot yourself, these steps have proven to be very effective:

  1. Double-check your credit card details. It's surprisingly easy to mistype such long numbers.
  2. Try a different card. If you have another card, that card might very well work.
  3. Call your bank about international transfers. Many banks have restrictions on making international payments, and by calling them up they can usually lift these restrictions temporarily.
  4. Contact us. Forgive me for already mentioning this... 🙂

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