What are the muslin cloths for?

After having kids, we'd rather ask what can't you use them for!

The small soft cloth is multipurpose muslin baby cloths. We have three children and I think we have almost 30 of these muslin cloths at home. We never leave our house without having at least one of these cloths in our bag :) Here are a few tips inspired by real life :

1. As a feeding cloth. We use these cloths to protect our own clothing when feeding the baby. We also use them to wipe spill-over milk from the baby's face during and after feeding. Yes, everything still smells of milk for the first few months, but a little bit less than it would without the cloths.
2. As a burp cloth. After feeding we lift the baby to our shoulder to burp. We always use these cloths to protect our clothes and place the cloth on our shoulder underneath the baby.
3. As a cleaning cloth. Our babies were unfortunately Olympic-level refluxers... We used these cloths to clean up when our babies spit up milk.
4. As a reusable diaper cloth. We have not used reusable diapers ourselves, but if you do these muslin cloths are great to use as extra inserts in them.
Answered by Heikki

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