Is the baby box just a regular cardboard box?

Definitely not! It is special in almost every possible way a cardboard box can be special.

First of all our boxes are made of virgin fiber cellulose, not from recycled materials for the same reasons that the food industry uses virgin fiber. It ensures that no impurities or contaminants sneak in and also makes the box more durable and sturdy. The source for virgin fiber in our boxes is wood from Finland and around Europe. This means that the fiber used to make a Finnish Baby Box is of the finest quality in the world. We use the same Finnish manufacturer as the government uses with the government issued baby boxes in Finland.

Secondly it is probably the cutest cardboard box you have ever seen. The beautiful designs are printed with water soluble colors so from a chemical standpoint the colors do not cause any harm even if eaten. And same goes for the glue as we only use wheat, corn or potato starch as glue.

Last but not least the history of a baby box traces all the way back to 1930s when the Finnish Government begun supporting expecting parents with a maternity grant and later with a maternity package. Since then the concept has been tested by decades of use and by some 40.000 Finnish babies and proud parents annually.

In case you were wondering if the box holds your baby's weight we have tested the box ourselves with 30 kilograms (66 lbs) of weight which is around 6 times the weight of a baby and the box hold perfectly. We have estimated that in Finland well over million babies have slept in the very same box so it is pretty well tested and I can assure that it works perfectly for a baby for the first months.

If you are interested to learn more about the box and its history, please read our blog post about it at

Answered by Anssi

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