What is the difference between the Original and the Moomin edition of the box?

...and what is a Moomin anyway?!, we hear you ask.

Don't worry, we'll get to that in a moment. 

But first things first; both of our boxes are based on the same idea - to provide new parents with all the basics for the first year. Therefore, you'll find almost exactly the same list of items in both boxes. 

First and foremost we wanted to stay true to the idea of the original baby box, and so we created a fun yet practical product that would be of great value to any first time parents anywhere in the world. With our Original collection we have focused on finding affordable, great quality baby products that are safe, durable and comfortable. 
However, we all grew up with the  Moomins, who to us symbolise both the best of childhood and of Finland and we also wanted to share that love with you. With the Moomin Edition we have upgraded many of the items to the best we can find in Finland, as the Moomin licence is only awarded to the best products of their kind. You can read more about the Moomins  here (there's even a quiz you can take to see which Moomin character you are :) ).

To summarise, the two main differences between the boxes are:

1. Adorable Moomin designs in the Moomin Edition versus non-branded designs in the Original version.  
2. Many superior quality products in the Moomin Edition.
As Moominpappa once said: "Bless my tail! Whatever next!"
Answered by Sissi

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