Where is the best place to put the box?

The ideal place to put the box is on the floor in your own bedroom next to your bed. Please see below a picture in our own bedroom with our youngest child Elias sleeping in his box.

c0f47f9d7c3103132eb6f3f28a5fb7ec.pngIf you have a high bed yourself you can place the box on top of a sturdy base such as a coffee table. If you decide to do this, please make sure that there is no possibility that the box could fall down from the table during the night. We have ourselves always kept the box on the floor with our children.

The benefit of having the baby just next to the bed is huge as newborn babies tend to wake up quite often during the night and it is a great benefit of being able to soothe the baby back to sleep without getting up from bed if it's not feeding time. I don't know about you, but as a parent of three kids, I personally value every second of sleep I get!

As for where to put the box after your baby grows too big to sleep in it, we lost a baby bed, but now have a toddler-sized car in our living room.

The box car

Answered by Heikki

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