Is there any risk of suffocation (SIDS) while sleeping in the box?

No, there isn't. There is no lack of airflow in the box. The box is 27.0 cm (10.6 inches) in height and the air naturally flows in any climate. 

Also babies usually sleep in the box for the first three to four months when they don't yet turn over by themselves. (Babies don't have enough strength to turn from their back to their stomach until about 5-6 months). The width of the box is 42.8 cm (16.9 inches) so there is not enough space to turn over and get stuck against the side of the box. 

We use the exact same box structure, material and manufacturing company as the Finnish government does with the state issued box, which has been used annually by around 40,000 families for decades. Most Finnish parents use the box as a first bed for the baby, so more than a million babies have tested the box, and Finland has had one of the  lowest infant mortality rates in the world for years. All eight of our Founding fathers' children have slept their first few months in the box completely safe and sound. The box is created with safety first and it follows the strict SIDS guidelines in Finland and the European Union. 

Answered by Sissi

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