What is the difference between the Finnish Baby Box, vs. the Finnish government box (KELA box)?

It's not exactly the same, because we are a separate private company and therefore we make our sourcing decisions independently. However, because our box was inspired by the government box, the product selection is almost identical to it, and many of the items are also from the same trusted brands and manufacturers. For example, our box and mattress are the same as the government-issued ones - tried and tested by around 40.000 babies annually. We use some same items where we feel the quality meets our standards but have decided to upgrade quite a few of especially the clothing items. We've tested the clothes ourselves at home with the kind cooperation of our own babies; the messier, the better! This has helped us separate the wheat from the chaff, as we've been able to select items that are durable and comfortable even after countless washes, in pleasing gender-neutral designs and colors.

Answered by Anssi, Anton and Heikki

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